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Archaic Dances still influence our moving center for they are rooted in the cosmic memory of our planet. They may disappear into the past but always find their way back to us through research work and Spiritual Identification."

The MADRI Institute aim is to introduce to the public advanced research studies in Ethnic Dance technique, to pave the way between ancient & contemporary dance traditions. To propagate, keep alive & safeguard the Techniques & research work of Master Teacher Nelly Mazloum; to serve as a net work exchange in Mediterranean & contemporary dance Art Cultures. Thus encouraging the new generation to return to its roots creatively & consciously.
Its aim includes the Nelly Mazloum VIVICORPOREAL® Psychosomatic Alignment Technique for the expansion of AWARED CONSCIOUSNESS and the regeneration of the Self in Motion. 

In the MADRI Institute we learn
how the body Dances In the Spirit 
&  how the Spirit Dances in the Mind.

We hope that MADRI Institute becomes a haven for all of you who hold to heart a deep appreciation for Dance Art Culture, for knowledge & for Truth. May your leanings adhere to these values, which Madame Nelly Mazloum dedicated her efforts to serve.

It also functions as a vehicle for seminars & gatherings, in Greece and Abroad, for all those who are interested to participate, learn & support the aims of MADRI Institute.  

The Madri Institute is exerting a sincere effort to salvage Hellenic & Egypto-Pharaonique mystical concept of aesthetic percepts to renovate & bring closer the cultural dance traditions of those magnificent civilizations.

Master Teacher Nelly Mazloum created a methodical system of teaching holding the power to technically apply a well defined & Codified system of dance training able to expand the channels of archaic Dances, to revive the perennial principles of the past to the extraordinary progress of the present.

The study of Archaic Dances lead the applicant to the recognition of the Self in conscious Being ness. Archaic Dances pose an infinity of cryptic traditions where voluptuousness & tenderness are intimately tied to sensual consciousness. Within the vision of this concept tomorrow’s fate for beauty, virtue & excellence endures.

The valuable depends on how we evolve & the ways we choose to survive in adversity, for a place in the sun. Each single one of us is born unique. Born to learn, to share, to live & to create in good will a New Golden Age on this planet.

Let’s not face our tomorrows with the frozen masks of our disillusions, but warm our hearts daily to look deeper into the recesses of Love & harmony.    

pharaonic dances

"To Dance is  to become one with our Soul, 
an undivided whole with all of God’s creation 
on this Earth and Beyond." 
- Nelly Mazloum

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